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SAKHANG-The Coffee shop

‘’ SAKHANG ‘’ means a place to dine/eat in Sherpa and Tibetan language. The Sakhang is a multi-cuisine outlet and has modern as well as antique designs to continue the clam vibe that one gets throughout the hotel it is well equipped and has been designed to cover 35 pax. Guests have multiple choice of healthy and fresh food. Our production team is very much conscious for hygienic and healthy food because we think for the guest and their health.



Name has been given in traditional way, ‘’Madeera’’ means alcohol in Sanskrit. Our bar has been design in very unique way, where you can find a wide range of local and imported beverages. Our skilled and passionate Bartenders will gladly serve popular international cocktails and mock tails and even prepare their own signature drinks. Pamper yourself to rejuvenate in our bar and enjoy with the drinks of your own choice.


Green Courtyard

The hustle and bustle of our busy lives can tire us out very quickly. Our lush green courtyard helps you distress with its peaceful and refreshing ambience. This is a great place to spend some quality time with family and friends, We shall be more than happy to serve our signature foods and drinks in our courtyard. As soon as you are inside the courtyard, outside chaotic traffic and its deafening noise and crowd would just be vanished… will simply experience the maximum level of relaxation.



Meal Rate


Meal Rate (USD) Rate (NPR)
Lunch USD 10 per person NPR 1000 per person
Dinner USD 12 per person NPR 1200 per person

Note: During the X-mas, New Year’s Eve or in any kind of occasion the supplement charge shall be applicable for Lunch/Dinner.